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    Email: Evergrande@ahfghk.com

    Evergrande Group's Statement in Relation to Its OffshoreIndebtedness

    China Evergrande Group(“Evergrande”) and its subsidiaries (together, the “Group”) would like to make the following statement on recent matters concerningits offshore creditors:

    The Group and its advisors have been proactive in communicating with a wide range of offshore creditors. The message that has been clearly communicated to offshore creditors is that the Board of Directors, the Risk Management Committee and the Group are working expeditiously to evaluate the Group’s conditions,stabilize its operations and ensure sufficient working capital, with a view to formulating a comprehensive, detailed and effective restructuring plan that protects the interests of all stakeholders. The progress of some work streams has been disclosed by the Group through announcements between December 2021 to January 2022.

    During this period, the Group have had in-depth discussions and made progress in exploring feasible solutions to manage its risks. Naturally in a situation of this size and complexity, and given the number of stakeholders involved, the Group understands that further discussions and careful evaluations of the different plans,potential paths and outcomes are required in order to lay a solid foundation for further substantive dialogue with offshore creditors.

    The Board of Directors of the Group and the Risk Management Committee have consistently held a responsible attitude and sincerely request that offshore creditors give the Group time and support to fully evaluate the situation and work collaboratively with the Group to formulate a restructuring plan that benefits all stakeholders.

    The Group looks forward to further communication with various offshore creditors,and requests that offshore creditors exhibit patience by refraining from taking aggressive legal actions that could impact the stability of the Group and lead to a value destructive outcome.

    Enquiries can be directed to:

    Houlihan Lokey (China) Limited

    Email: Evergrande@HL.com

    Admiralty Harbour

    Email: Evergrande@ahfghk.com

    China International Capital Corporation

    Email: Evergrande@cicc.com.cn

    BOCI Asia